The Flag of Planet Earth

Flag of the Planet Earth-56K.jpg

Letter from Planet Earth

The central white sphere represents the Earth, immersed in the universe or in water, suspended at the same time to demonstrate its fragility. This perfect equilibrium has life and gives life to all its guests: stones, plants, animals and man. All this is represented by the green halo that does not have a precise form, because the earth and the life on it are not static but in continuous evolution. The only pearl that we know that has the colour green. This white globe of energy receives light that brings with it diverse shades of colours, light that arrives from the sun whose rays are symbolized by the golden and sunny shafts turned towards the earth; shafts that for us represent the abundance of intelligence. From the beginning, starting from the centre of the continents, man has spread throughout the globe, and with it he has gained his bread. Where there is bread there is abundance. The small transparent circle, surrounded by a white halo that could possibly symbolize the satellite of our planet, in reality serves to give neutrality to the flag. In fact all that can be seen through this hole completes it: if you see the desert it will be the flag of the desert, if you see the mountains it will be the flag of the mountains, if you see any form of human construction it will be the flag of that population, if you see a part of your home, it will be your flag. It represents the planet that lovingly gives us hospitality without asking anything in return. Respect it, let us ALL feel part of the same home…