The flag of planet Earth; why do we need it?

The flag of planet Earth has arrived to contribute to the sensitize humanity to respect our planet and then to become a meeting point for those who are already sensitive. It can be a reference point for those who share the reality that all populations, being very different from each other in habits, customs and physical characteristics, are really one family, resident on this earth in an indefinite point in space.

I think the time has come in which we must consider that our home is not only a construction of domestic walls. It is more, it goes beyond the street, the town, it goes beyond the state and is more than a continent, and our home is the place in which we live together: the Earth. 

Your house, how would you like it to be?
A reasonable answer might be:

Well! I would like my house to be a safe place, orderly, clean and hospitable for those who live there, where everyone has his own space and respects the space of others and where he can get nourishment and feel useful which at the same time offers space to his creativity.

For these reasons I would like the flag to become the symbol of unity for all those who use it for the respect of that which surrounds them.

The flag of planet Earth is one of the supports of the emblem, at the disposition of the whole world, for all those who have need of funds for the realization of beneficial projects:

-Onlus Associations for the environment (wildlife fauna and flora).
-Onlus for world famine, humanitarian help in general.
-Youth Associations.
-Manifestations of a social character etc.

The flag of the planet Earth cannot be used for to specify individuals, organizations or nations.
If you share with me the significance of the flag and its aims, I think you will find enjoyable the image of two people meeting and note that they are both wearing the T-shirt of the planet Earth or a cap or some other object bearing this symbol,
They are smiling…..hello, ciao,….And you are thinking like me!
This is already a good point of contact for a new friendship, because in a certain sense we understand something of each other. A friendship that always existed but only now manifests itself.